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AK Furitures works & Services, One of the best Furniture manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh, We make furnitures as per our customers preferences(Customized Furnitures). So that they buy a product which completely satisfies them and thereafter they need not compromise buying a product which partially doesn’t match their interest. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by us, Turn your house into a beautiful house by palcing a Brand new Furniture in your house. Shop now on our store and explore a wide range of Furniture products.

Offer previewWe manufacture all kind of Sofa Sets including Corner Sofa sets (which can easily spit into 3 parts and can be assembled easily), Coffee tables, Vintage bed frames, Dining Table sets, Dressing Tables, Computer/Study Tables, PVC Bags etc…
Offer previewHave your golden times enriched with our elegant vintage model’s furnitures. You can find varities of furniture products which are not found in the market and are specifically manufactured on personal orders.
Offer previewNo heavy machines used in making our furnitures, Carpentry work by our great artisans is done which has been followed since our golden period.
Offer previewWe assure you for the quality of work and design fabrication with no reason of compromising after purchasing Furnitures from us.
Offer previewVisit offers section to checkout exciting offers like exclusive cashbacks and exciting discounts available on wide range of our Furniture products. Click here to view exciting Offers on purchasing our Furniture products…
Offer previewLots more products are to be updated soon, meanwhile you can send us your desired Furnitures by fetching on the internet and share that image to us on whatsapp, Our team will revert back with the price quote and discuss everything in detail with regards to your desired Furniture model. 

Shop now on our store and explore a wide range of Furniture products

Why Us?

We are one of the best Furniture Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh since 1965 onwards, We have been serving multiple organisations on a large scale. We work for Naval Dockyard, Coast Guard, Shipping Corportation of India(SCI), Visakhapatnam Port Trust(VPT) also other Public & Private sectors. Also we supply Furnitures to Furniture Resalers, Work Offices, Event organisations etc…  For additional information Click here

Why our Furnitures?

IconHave you ever waited for a product which is being manufactured the way you wanted to or your family members wanted it to be… Here you are! Now you can customize your Brand new Furniture as per your desired model finish, colour selection, size which fits in your home space etc…

IconElegant & Enriched Vintage models furnitures are now rarely seen in the market, though its available you will be charged with high costs due to its high demand. Now we are making it available for our customers at reasonable price and can avail online purchasing facility i.e.. on our E-Store.

IconGet your Furniture prepared instantly, instead of purchasing a Furniture which has been kept for a showcase for a long time. Thereafter you don’t need to count on Warrant and Quality issues after purchasing your Furniture.

IconWhile your Furniture is being manufactured, you will be given updates on our work through which  you can rest assure about the work and quality of materials being used while manufacturing your furniture.

Icon100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by us, Turn your house into a beautiful place after we finish installation of your Brand new Furniture in your house.

IconGet the product delivered directly to your house as we ourselves deliver the product with utmost care and our representatives will be taking care of it and after delivery, our representatives will assemble the furniture in your house at your desired place.

IconYou can pay online using your Debit/Credit cards or any other payment methods,  As we have integrated our payment portal with Razorpay payments and secured our webpages with a SSL Certification.Home SSL image

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